Practice Areas

Financial advising takes many forms. Individual services and components of integrated financial plans may include:

Wealth Management

At Contour Capital, we work carefully to understand your values and goals.
Our sole purpose is to develop a personalized financial strategy for you, then implement, monitor, and revise that strategy to meet the complexities of twenty-first century living.

Retirement Planning

Building and sustaining financial security is the core of what we do, and our clients' needs dictate our recommendations and actions. Investment management. Stock options. Inherited wealth. The planned sale of a family business. Real estate. Health and life insurance.
Our focus is safeguarding your financial well-being.

College Savings

Funding higher education is a primary goal of many of our clients.
Contour Capital combines knowledge about common and uncommon savings tools with innovative thinking about education options and models including international opportunities.
We enjoy working with parents, grandparents, chosen family, and youth themselves.

Estate Planning

Estate planning doesn't need to be painful.
Because we are in tune with individual client values and goals and fluent in the rules and regulations regarding inherited wealth, we can suggest estate planning models that maximize continuity of capital and minimize tax burdens and other expenses.
We have particular experience with deferred compensation structures, capital gains, and family wealth in the context of complex blended families, disabled dependents, and non-traditional family structures.

Charitable Giving

Our clients share a passion for making their communities better. With an extensive background in the non-profit sector, Contour Capital works with clients in order to maximize the impact of their gifts.
We can suggest gift structures that lead to innovation and organizational impact — be they one-time or ongoing contributions that sustain visions and serve as legacies — all while thinking strategically in the context of clients' larger financial goals.

Environmental, Social, and Governance Investing

The principal at Contour Capital comes from a background in environmental advocacy and is committed to working with investors for whom social justice and ethics are important components of their investment plans.
We are prepared to customize portfolios to individual social and ethical goals.